Year 2007, the Creative Image Inc. started a project of a documentary about the Philippine History. Our group of media production made a further research and study to realize this project. They will tackle some important matter regarding the story behind the Lapulapu Clan, the background issue of the Philippine archipelago and its four main islands namely: Luzon, Visayas, Palawan Zamboanga and Mindanao. These will be composed of various series and soon be launched. In addition, with all the interviews, filming and all data gatherings, the group realized that there are many factual documents hidden and were not discussed in school. A question of why none of the history books tackled the true story, the reality that most of the Filipinos are not aware about the total situation of the Philippine History. The concept of this entire project was conceived from the documents handed by Atty. Virgilio Papa, Legal Counsel of Tala Estate. In the year 1992, the project was administered by Mr. Toshihiko Uriu Executive Producer and Founder of Creative Image Foundation
After 14 years of corroboration and convinced by some people close to him, and with handling court documents, an essential basis, believing the truth must come out. Their only objective that Filipinos will be widely awaken of their story. With all of these, Mr. Toshihiko Uriu finally decided to start the project. His aspiration in making film and history book about the factual issue of the Philippines specifically the Tagean-Tallano Clan
The documentary is a timely project because it discusses the landlessness of Filipino farmers and informal sector and its resolution. The film involves case studies; a relocated member of informal sector, farmer, ejected subdivision resident, historian, anthropologist, academician, former NBI Chief, lawyer, government official, etc. The media group made a deep concentration to gather data in aiming that this piece will possibly made


The Philippines with The Noble Family The origin of their inhabitants from mentioned places came from the noble family names Lacan-Tagean centuries ago and by his wife Lamayan Bowan.? The noble tribes were the owners of said territories and they controlled the areas and inhabited it themselves for more than five (5) centuries ago and it was passed by more than ten (10) generations of their clans. Some of these were their children and grand children, like the names of Rajah Lacan-Tagean, the 11th son of Rajah Soliman who is married to Mary Anne Dent, the beautiful daughter of Alfred Dent, a British Lord. Rajah Soliman is the second son of the King who controlled the entire area of Manila and its suburbs including the provinces of Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna and Quezon.time when foreign intervention, like the British Royal Government, which started in 1761, had successfully liberated the Filipino people from the Spanish colonization on October 14, 1764 who left of nothing but noble teachings, his bounty of billion of gold 720,000 metric tons as legacy to his Royal children and descendants and to the Maharlika Island.

"Julian Mcleod Tallano son of Prince Lacan Bolkiah Tagean Tallano and wife Princess Rowena Overbeck Macleod Tallano. Prince Lacan Bolkiah Tagean Tallano is the son of Rajah Soliman Bolkiah Tagean Tallano and Princess Assan Bolkiah. Raja Soliman and Raja Lapulapu sons of King Luisong Tagean and Queen Lamayan, married 1433". -PRINCE MORDEN TALLANO, Judicial Administrator

"Pag sinabi mo mayroon kingdom, mayroon King na sinabi mo King Luisong pag sinabi mong King Luisong, ang hahanapin talaga ng historyador ay nasaan ang kanyang kastilyo, nasaan ang kanyang palasyo, nasaan ang kanyang teritoryo. Sabi naman ay all over the Philippines all over the archipelago ano? nasaan yung army nya, nasaan yung mga samurai niya for instance, compared to Japan na magdidipensa sa kaharian na iyan eh ayon sa mga nabasa natin tungkol sa dokumentos na tinutukoy natin ay wala naman binanggit tungkol sa army, navy or palace or castle or a hierarchy below him". - ARNOLD AZURIN , Political Anthropologist

"Noong una, ako ay nagduda dahil base sa mga sumunod na papel na nahawakan ko me mga impormasyong kumakalat na fake daw yung Tallano, ngayon ako ay hindi agad naniwala, nalaman ko na may nag-file ng kaso na ito raw si Mr. Tallano ay patay na somewhere in Negros, hindi ako naniwala doon hangang sa nag-antay lang ako at nakahawak ako ng dokumento na nagsasabing itong si Prince Tallano ay buhay pa at buhay na buhay, at ito ay sinerpikahan pa ng kasalukuyang yumao na NBI na si Reynaldo Wycoco". - NOLI P.

"Actually, yung pagbabasa nitong petition at tsaka yung background issue of Original Title OCT 01-4 is going back to the pages of history sapagkat, dito sa likod ng OCT 01-4, halos nandyan na yung history ng Philippines na the irony of it, hindi namn nakatala sa mga History Books na pinag-aralan natin noong tayo ay nag-aaral sa high school tsaka college sa Philippine History, walang nabanggit". - GEN. BRAULIO MONGHE, Former NBI Chief , Identification Division

"When you start telling your history from 1521, you have erased 2,000 - 3,000 of your own history, basically, oral, its oral, oral 'yan hindi nasusulat 'yan, hindi nadevelop ang anthropology, ang archeology, ang pamahalaan natin walang interest diyan which is a tragedy". - FE MANGAHAS, History Teacher, St. Scholastica's College

"Taong 1968, ang tatay namin nabalitaan na dito daw sa sa Sapang Palay ay pwede mag-apply ng lote, noong niolote ito ng NHA, ini-anounce na ang awards baba na, susunod na yung pagbibigay ng xerox copy ng titulo, pero ang tagal ng re-conveyance ng proseso, pabalik-balik ako ng NHA, wala daw bayad, pero siningil ako ng Php600, binayaran ko muna yung maling Block No., tsaka ni-release yung titulo doon sa maling block no., dahil pala ang ibig sabihin pala noon maglagay ako, so dahi hindi naman ako naglalagay talaga tumagal ng tumagal ang pag claim ng aking titulo... pabalikbalik ng Meycauayan hanggang sa December 2005, doon ko na nakuha ang titulo". - ALING INDAY

"Ang nagpaniwala sa akin eh ang mga boundaries sa kababasakababasa ko naencounter ko yung Tallano, hanggang sa ma-meet ko na si Tallano, dahil sa makikita mo sa mga survey naka-appear yung mga adjacent, ganyan, naka-appear yung Tallano Estate. Ang evaluation ko talagang tutuo! Authentic talaga! Born by the records!". - ATTY. VIRGILIO PAPA, Deputy Chief Legal Affairs, Tala Estate

"In conjunction with the establishment of the University of the Philippines and a transfer of the raw from Manila to Diliman as in valid under Act No. 1670 and in honor of his cousin Conrado Benitez, Don Esteban Benitez Tallano extended a Deed of Donation in donate of 75 hectares of land in Diliman Street to be the permanent location of the University of the Philippines, also as a tribute to his 2nd cousin, the late Ignacio Villamor, the first President of University of the Philippines". - ATTY. ELLIS JACOBA, Former IBP President, Nueva Ecija

"The least that they could do has to fight for it, and most of them have already passed since the start of the ancestral land claim issue and it has been a wish profile case. It has actually reached the United Nations working group of indigenous people, a claim over the ancestral land claim..." - KATHLEEN CARINO OKUBO, Secretary of Mateo Cariño-Bayosa Ortega Foundation

"A camel is a horse produced by committee, when you want to have a horse, you don't create a committee, because you will end up producing a camel, who needs a camel in the Philippines? We need a horse, when a client is represented by lawyers whose name do not ring bells, they will not be seriously entertained, so "I said ok, Lets do battle..." "You know when he brought to my attention that there is a title involving the Philippines, I was laughing at him, i said that it's a very weird title, how anyone could probably owned the country in terms of the Torrens Title". - ATTY. HOMOBONO ADAZA, Lawyer, Adaza & Adaza, Former Member of the Parliament, Governor

"It happened in 1968, the Tañada Law Office with whom im working as a Trial lawyer, the case of Tala Tallano Madrigal Acop Clan assigned to me. They assigned to me the Civil Case #997 who was filed by Solicitor General Antonio Barredo one of the legal Henares ever produced by our country. All along, the government thought that they were no claimants anymore to the Tallano Madrigal Acop Estate. During the proceedings of #997, one of the claimants/heirs of the Tallano Estate is Don Benito Agustin Tallano, the father of now Prince Julian Morden Tallano." - ATTY. FERNANDO DOMINGO, Trial Lawyer, Tanada-Teehankee, Pelaez Law Office

"Tayo walang system of Land Titling before the Spaniards came, we have Titulo de Composition, Titulo de Prosesoryo, which was a rather vade way of recognizing individual land holdings." - ATTY . FLORENTINO REYES, Retired Geodetic Engineer, Land Management Bureau

"If the properties under the administration, meaning labor administration, then they are regular farm workers, seasonal farm workers and other farm workers. The beneficiaries may qualify as beneficiaries if they are landless; we are not vested with jurisdiction to resolve ownership issue. However, as far as we are concern, we can document the property for acquisition by sending notice of coverage through both the registered owner and the adverse claimant; we both send a notice of coverage through each of them. And on the assumption that both have allocate land holdings of more than five, then the property is covered, so after the property is valued by Land Bank, then we go to the Register of Deeds and acquire the property, transfer it to the Republic of the Philippines and distributed to the Airbase". - ATTY. RODOLFO BERNARDO M. BUENO, OIC Director of Bureau of Land Acquisition and Distribution Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR)

SYPNOSIS "Nanalo sa US Supreme Court ang Carino Clan noong pang 1903 sa claim nila sa lupang sumasakop sa Camp John Hay. Pero hindi pa kinikilala ng Gobyerno ang panalo ng claim nila. Si Aling Inday naman ay inisyuhan ng dalawang titulo ng National Housing Authority (NHA) - Sapangpalay, para sa halos 500 sq.m. na residental lot. Hindi na binawi sa kanya ng NHA ang isang titulo. Ang ganitong mga pangyayari ay reflective ng mali-maling land titling system na kaugnay ng mga instutusyon ng gobyerno. Pero ayon kay Prince Julian Morden Tallano, Judicial Administrator, Tala Estate, ang buong archiepelago ng Pilipinas ay sakop ng hawak nilang Original Certificate Title 01-4. Sabi pa niya, inisyu ito noong enero 17, 1764, ng Royal British government sa ninuno niyang si Lacan Togean ay anak ni Rajah Soliman na kapatid ni Rajah Lapulapu. Ang OCT 01-4 ay kinilala ng gobyerno ng Pilipinas nang manalo ang Tala Estate sa Case No. 3957-P, Court of First Instance, Branch III, Seventh Judicial District, Pasay City noong pang February 4, 1972."

Background Issue of Philippine Archipelago Media production made a research and study about the Tagean-Tallano (Lapulapu Clan). In this section, we wanted to discuss briefly the impartial data on the issue of the Philippine Archipelago and its status in accordance with the said Clan. Historians, Anthropologists, Archeologist etc. that our group interviewed mostly attests that this petition and background issue was not written in our Text Books as we took-up in our Philippine History subject since High school and College. However, some of them believed about the testimony of Prince Tallano with provided documents that he is a true descendant of King Luisong Tagean, the father of Rajah Soliman and Rajah Lapulapu. Quoted from the Court Documents, "The Agana Decision with Compromise of Agreement" His resolution demonstrating that he is a true prince with all the proof and verification in his possession defending the rights of his clan and his claim being the proper owner of the whole archipelago.

Centuries ago, the Noble Tribes were the owner of the said territories, they control the area for more than five centuries ago, and it has passed more than 10 generations of their clan. Tagean Clan saved out of their 1000 habitation on the surface of the earth particularly in the island of "Maharlika" now " Philippines". The evolution of Tagean to Tallano served as catalyst or method in pursuing their claims and interest in land against the Spanish government.

In 1521, with the so-called Spanish expedition, Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan landed in the island of Cebu, claiming the lands and naming it "Islas de San Lazaros", then, Roman Catholicism exists. In March 17, 1521, Magellan killed by Lapu-Lapu the indigenous Datu / KIng of Mactan in Philippines; it was called the "Battle of Mactan". Lapu-Lapu was the fist native of the archipelago to have resisted Spanish colonization. However, permanent settlements in the island of Cebu were established with the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi in 1565, and more settlements continued northward with the colonizers reaching the bay of Manila on the island of Luzon. In Manila, they established a new town and thus began an era of Spanish colonization that lasted for more than three centuries.

In 1571, one week after the arrival in Manila of the first governor-general, he announced that all the lands lost by the old barangays in the process of Pueblo organization declared crown lands/realengas, and that he would make these awards to those who settle in the City of Manila. In 1583, the law establishing the Audiencia of Filipinas expressly authorized and the governor-general was its chaiperson.

n 1762, Spanish rule (invaded and occupied the islands) on the Philippines was briefly interrupted and there.November 23, 1762, Gen. Draper, Invasion Army and Cornish, Navy admiral, issued a proclamation to the Filipinos assuring them of British Protection.

February 10, 1763 the Treaty of Paris ended the war, restored Spanish rule and in May 31, 1764 the British left the country, thus ended the British occupation, and Manila and Filipinas once again were under the Spanish regime.

The Philippine Revolution (1896-1898), as armed conflict between Spain and Philippines, it was began in April 1986, culminating two years later with a proclamation of independence and the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. The Treaty of Paris was December 1898, wherein the major concerned was the Philippine, be yielded because they had no other choice, and the U.S. ultimately paid Spain US$20 million for possession of the Philippines. The treaty specified that Spain would cede to the United States the archipelago known as the Philippine Islands. Full independence was only granted to the Philippines in July 1946.


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:NOTE We would like to inform you that all the data discussed on this issue were factual. It was all gathered partial and impartial from source documents, books, magazines, websites and people we interviewed etc., (shown above are the quoted statement from different folks) Our objective is to inform the Filipino people in our own little way regarding this important issue. We hope that this will serves as an eye opener for the people. However, we are open for comments and suggestions . Please click the e-mail below :



SYPNOSIS A complainant filed a civil case in Branch 111, Regional Trial Court, Pasay City and was docketed as Land Registration Court (LRC)/Civil Case No. 997-P. Through a motion by the Solicitor General of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines , the case was consolidated into LRC/Civil Case No. 3957-P in July 14, 1964 . Alongside, the return of the 617,000 metric tons of gold to a Filipino Royal Family. Several prominent landholders, businessmen and the deposed dictator ex-President Ferdinand E. Marcos were implicated. As the litigation progressed, different numbers of Original Certificate of Title (OCT) were presented.

In 1968, the Senate and the National Bureau of Investigation each conducted a separate investigation to determine which are valid. But the court declared only one mother title, two Transfer of Certificate of Titles and its owner as authentic. Consequently, leaving the other titles as null and void, no probative value and non-bankable. In February 4, 1972 , the presiding Judge Enrique Agana handed down the Decision with Compromise Agreement in consideration of sound judicial system and the Tagean-Tallano Clan. When Martial Law was imposed in September 21, 1972 , rapid reversal of the court decision occurred. A state of affair encapsulated in a documentary that sheds light on the proliferation of fake titles in the Philippines until now.

In 2007 another film produced under the Creative Image Foundation, The "MOHON ng Lupang Mahrlika". It was inspired by the first video-documentary film "Kapirasong Papel". The media production group gathered datas to to show us the truth about the history concerning the OCT-01-4. It discusses important Court Documents; interviews of people with awareness about the project. Studies and validations about the Noble Clan history, and Prince Julian Morden Tallano, the one who is claiming as the only heir of the Tallano Clan.

"Based on the Judicial record that we already applied and proved upon us,Atty Homo Bono Adaza like a reincarnation of a trusted honest lawyers of my family a former law maker would be or may be another lawyer of the Tala Estate that can guarantee the security protection of the owner of the Tala Estate."

Ang mag-ama na Prince Julian Macleod Tallano at Don Esteban Benitez Tallano ang nagbayad ng Twenty (20) million dollars upang tubusin ang kalupaan na tinatawag na "Ceasation Treaty" sa pagitan ng 2 bansa na ang bansang Kastila at ng bansang Amerika Sa pamamagitan ng 20 million pirasong one (1} dollar gold coins na ito'y 18 karat bawat isang gold coin na may timbang na 25gms., ginawa sa inglatera sa pamamagitan ng bahagi ng 1.2 million hecton na ginto. -PRINCE JULIAN MORDEN TALLANO, Administrator

"Well, first with respect to the land cases, We seriously believe that since a greater portion of the decision has already been executed, long before this matter was elevated in the court of appeals. We believe that an independent action can be taken by way of enforcing the writ of execution and the return of the sheriff about the delivery of the lands, involve in the litigation to the Tallano's, Second , were asking the Court of Appeals in filing motion to decide the case immediately. Because, this affects the whole country, it affects 85 million Filipinos. It does not just affect the Ayalas or the Ortigases, the Aranetas, It affects everybody and even the life of this government." After the issuance of the Torrens System the American government itself recognized OCT 01-4, now these documents were recognized even long before the American came and then in the 1960's, the Solicitor General of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, in order to clear doubts with respect to the existence of this OCT 01-4 wrote a communication to the Land Registration Commission which is now the Land Registration Authority that has supervision and control over Torrens Title on other documents related to land holdings.". ATTY. HOMO BONO ADAZA, Lawyer

"Itong 383 ay nakuha ko sa opisina sa Register of Deeds of the Province of Rizalsa Pasig Kapitolyo. Ang hiningi ko hindi basta xerox copy, certified xerox copy ng OCT 383 At sa ngayon ay nahawakan ko pa nga ay Original na Certified Copy. Pero ang pinagtataka ko dahil sa gulalagulanit na ba yung OCT NO. na 383, isinulat na lang nila ng signpen. Ngayon ng makuha ko yun, ang akin naman ginawa kinuha ko naman yung mga derivative title at noon nga ay nakuha ko rin ang mga Transter Certificate of title ng apat na titulo ang dalawa ay nasa pangalan ng Ayala y Cia at yung dalawa ay sa pangalan ng Ayala Corporation.". - CENON MARCOS, Former Agriculturist

"Tala esata is the owner of central lands known as Hacienda Filipina embracing four (4) major islands for a total of 7,169 islands and islets known as island of Luzon , Island of Palawan Peninzula, Islands of Visayas and Islands of Mindananao. There were so many lawyers handled the case of Tallano Clan; Claro M Recto, Ferdinand Marcos, Lorenzo Tanada Jose Diokno, Emanuel Pelaez, Jose Julo Sr. and even my father Atty. Virgilio Papa. On July 7, 1976, Prince Julian Morden Tallano took his oath of office with Certificate of Investiture of Royal title and has judicial administrator gratified by then honorable Court of First Instance Judge Enrigue Agana on July 7, 1976, to administer the Tala Estate. Colonel now General Braulio Monge Sr., in the 3 times investigation find out that Prince Julian Morden Tallano are one in the same person." MARIO PAPA, Attorney-in-fact

"Itinawag sa amin yan na nasusunog nga raw yun Pasay City Hall Syempre pag responde kasama na ang mga imbestigador kaagad dyan, katulad naming dalawa na kami na imbestigador kaagad rumisponde diyan, kaya pag dating naming doon sa fire exit, alam namin agad na ang nasusunog ay yung 2 nd Floor, alam namin na 2nd floor yun panay RTC yan , mga judge ng Regional Trial Court ang nandiyan. Nalaman lang namin yan noong nakapag-gather na kami ng mga witness namin naming, nagbigay sila ng statement naming na tinutukoy nga yung isang kuwarto ni Judge Torres, lahat ata ng usok ay sa kisame, kasi yung mismong mga nasa labas, nakikita nila dun sa pinakuwarto ng judge ay may lumalabas na usok sa may ceiling. SF01 ALFRED DELFIN

"Ang nakalagay sa akin dokumento ay nakarehistro sa Municipality of Montalban. Subalit yung Decree No, namin ay nakalagay sa atsaka Oriental Negros, subalit ang mother title na 333 ay nakatalaga naman sa Makati. Nasurprise ako na ang 1131 ay nakatalaga sa pala sa Gapan Nueva Ecija tapos yung 1181 nakatalaga sa Oriental negros. So nagyon sa pag-iisip ko naka- hawak na dokumento 333, samantalang sa akin 383 isang Bakit dalawa ang aming mother tittle at dalawa rin ang aming Decree No. Nakakalungkot isipin dhil ng matuklasan ko yung 333, nai-justify ko, umakyat din ako mismo sa Supreme Court Pinag uutos na ng batas na walang bisa. EVIN MILLIONA



Ang kwento ay umiinog sa premisiyang ang Balagtasan ay hindi namatay sa Sosyo-Kultural na aspeto ng lipunang Pilipino, bagkus ito lamang nag bagong anyo at balat sa porma ng rap, cypher, spoken word, at lyrico ng artistang masa.

Ito ay kwento ng mga batang may taglay na apoy sa damdamin. Apoy na babago sa takbo ng kanilang pamumuhay at sa kanilang ginagalawang komunidad. Magkakapatid na lumaki sa pamilyang ang kinabubuhay pagkapit sa patalim. Isang pa- Contest ng baranggay Talents ang gaganapin sa Lupang Pangako,Metro Manila. Isa sa mga kalahok ang mabibigyan ng umaatikabong tatlong Milyong Piso sa mananalong Contestant. Lingid sa kaalaman ng mga tao sa Baranggay.

Ang Tatlong Milyong pisong pabuya ay pakana lamang ng isang sabwatan sa pagitan ng Gobyerno, at Isang malaking Negosyante, upang unti-unting mahulog ang loob ng mga bata at mga taong bayan sa isang madilim na pakana. Habang ang lahat ay abala sa pagsasanay ng kani- kanilang mga pakulo at palabas, masisilip ang tunay na lagay ng mga batang kalahok , at kung papaano sila pilit i- tulak ng kanilang mga magulang upang makuha ang premyong makpagpapabago sa kanilang buhay.

Sa kasagsagan ng Patimpalak kung saan halos lahat ng mga tao sa baranggay ay naipon sa isang munting plaza, isang sunog ang biglang sumiklab at tumupok sa lahat ng kabahayan at ilang mga buhay.

Kung matatapos na rito ang kwento o pagkatapos ng siklab ay may isa pang liyab na aalab, Alamin. Ito ay isang eksperimento.

BAKATA is an achievement for a mission of Creative Image Foundation.

Creative Image Foundation has been supporting children in Payatas and Smokey Mountain as managing schools, giving education and various opportunities for children since the foundation established in 2001. The goal of the foundation is to bring out children’s talents, and to never discourage children from their dreams. In line with this, the foundation has been conducting a lot of projects such as, releasing CD which children sing songs composed by Vehnee Saturno, he conducted the audition to select the child singer when he came to Payatas and Smokey Mountain.

The foundation has started workshops of singing, dancing and acting at TIU Theater since 2014. The founder Toshihiko Uriu has brewed the idea of a full- blown play by children as seeing their rich talents in workshops. He found children have already anger and sadness in their real life and they could express it obediently in singing, dancing and acting. Therefore Uriu thought a musical play might be a great one for bringing out children’s talents, making themselves heal by expressing anger/sadness , and entire world could know their real by watching it. In 2014, Uriu met Angelo Aurelio in a play by young theater community from Cordillera at TIU Theater. Angelo Aurelio was the stage director. After Uriu watched the play, he was convinced of Aurelio’s ability and decided to hire him to live out the plan of the musical play by children in Payatas and Smokey Mountain. By this means, BAKATA was disclosed in May 2015.

It can be argued that BAKATA is a documentary theater play. It doesn’t only show the play to the audience, but also it poses a challenge to the audience. The audience is forced to relive the experience and anger/sadness of children in watching it. At that time, the audience is tested how much they can sense children’s REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.